Eco-conscious Art & Education Workshops

Eco-conscious Art & Education Workshops

Eco-conscious Art & Education Workshops

This is for the purpose of increasing conscious awareness and highlighting the importance of topics such as Sustainability and Climate change, and Biodiversity.

Choose from a half-day or full day session (from 3 to 6 hours)

Includes engaging tutorial session hosted by a highly qualified expert in the environmental field, along side artists who will assist participants of all ages and skill sets - such as students and community members, to create eco-conscious mural artwork on canvases or walls.

Provides a great opportunity for all to creatively express themselves whilst being further informed and educated at the same time. 

We feel this interactive method leaves a longer lasting impression, and thus a better chance to make an impact.

Workshops for local community groups and schools on other topic areas are also possible upon request.

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