Founder and Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director

  • Over 6 yrs Project Management experience within local as well as international projects. 
  • Experience within the financial sector working for Barclays Bank in central London, Marylebone.
  • Background in the Data Privacy sector working for IBM at the central London Head Office, Southbank.
  • Education in Economics, Law as well as Gov & Politics
  • Passion for philosophy, fashion, football, my family, and travelling the world.

Hello there : ), and a huge thank you in advance for your time taken to look us up!

I was inspired to start Paint Your Planet though a growing concern for the trajectory our planet appears to be heading in Re Sustainability. 

I believe we, humanity as a whole, are ONE with the planet and are innately connected with Mother Earth in that respect. 

As we have seemingly fallen out of alignment with Mother Nature, i believe it is my responsibility, being an extension of this planet i call "Home", to take Action as well as responsibility in creating environmental awareness.

Promoting an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle is, now more than ever before, crucial if we are to preserve Mother Earth for future generations.

If you would like to support Paint Your Planet in our cause, please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us via form below.

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